What is what?

What are these:
the bearing(isn’t it the thing that the string spins around?)
the lube
the axle
and the response pads

Bearing: You have it right.
Lube: It’s a liquid you put on your bearing; it makes it slightly more responsive. It’s short for lubricant.
Axle: The thing that looks like a screw that goes through your bearing.
Response Pads: The (usually white) circles that are close to the bearing and are parallel to each other.

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to clarify Oscer2’s post even more, thick lube is meant to make a yoyo very responsive.it slows the bearing down a ton. thin lube is for the advanced player who plays unresponsive, and it is meant for maintaining the bearing and making it quieter.

What does the axle do?

The bearing… it allows the yoyo to spin for long amounts of time.
I would recommend taking a look at this article on bearings, which is very helpful.

Here are some bearings.

Applying lube to a bearing can make it more responsive or less responsive, depending on your preferences and which one you choose to buy. Thin lube makes it more unresponsive, while thick lube makes it more responsive so you can tug to return instead of binding.
Here is probably the most popular lube for yoyo bearings, YoYoJam Lube, which comes in two types, thin and thick.

The axle in the yoyo holds the two yoyo halves together. They come in different sizes depending on which company you want.
It looks like this.

The response in the yoyo allows the yoyo to be returned to the hand, whether it is unresponsive or responsive, there has to be a way to get it back to the hand, and the response does just that. Here are some YoYoFactory pads… different colors last longer than others, have diffrent traits and qualities, etc.

You can read more about response here, because I don’t think I explained it all that well. haha

What you’re talking about here pretty much makes up the “guts” of a yoyo, which is pictured here pretty nicely.

If you need any other definitions for anything, or more clarification, or you just want to know something, YoYoWiki can help you out pretty nicely. It’s a good site where the beginner can learn all about the aspects of yoyoing, instead of the tricks.

I’d be happy to explain anything else, if you need clarification, don’t hesitate to ask.


The axle’s only job is to hold the yoyo together correctly. if it is out of place, your yoyo will become unbalanced, causing vibe. that’s why you should always tune your yoyo if you unscrew it.

How do I ‘tune’ it?