what is this?


i was looking through the wyyc sponsors and i noticed a company called aero yo. i went to the there website and looked through everything and saw some pretty cool stuff. I was wondering if yall know anything else about this company? also what does the p on the prices stand for?


I never heard about them until about a week ago. It was just this one video in a competition where the main sponsor of the event was Aero Yo.

I was kinda wondering about them too.


I believe it’s a Russian company. Don’t know anything else, except that I learned of them about a month or so ago when another site started selling them.


Aero-yo is involved in the promotion of0yoyos in Russia. As0 far as I can tell, all their yoyos are manufactured by Aoda and rebranded.


From what I was able to gather It’s an up and coming Russian-based yoyo company.

Their website http://yo-yo.ru/

Russian translation

AERO-YO - a project to produce yo-yos, which combines the accessibility and quality! Stylish packaging, design and professional quality control clearly distinguish our yo-yos from the crowd and turn them into real racing shells. AERO-YO includes a yo-yo for all levels of play, from beginners to top class professionals. In each of our yo-yo, even the entry-level, high-precision bearings, and installed a modern braking system.

It seems they’re even recruiting team members?



Translator so you can make sense of it.

Seems very YYF - Esque to me.

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i have a tried a few aro yos there are pretty and cool and remind of the hyper yoyo

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Wow I thought Aero-yo is well known enough, I’m quite surprised you never heard of them.


Aero-yo has been around for quite some time.


They contacted me a couple days ago about checking out some of their stuff. Looks interesting.


They’ve been around for a while now. They seem to be huge in Russia sponsoring lots of players and contests.

Many of their yoyos are just rebranded Aodas, but I think they also have some original designs as well.

Another Russian manufacturer that I hear a lot less about is 9.8 YoYo. Would love to know more about them.


They have some awesome female players. I am interested in getting one of their yoyos.


they have very very cool packaging



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Any pics?



that little green ball in the back of the pics is what the yoyo comes like


That’s not really the packaging, it’s just what the yo-yo can transform into. It’s a rebranded Aoda Eternal/Immortal Star with different colour ano.

Many of their yoyos are packaged in metal tins which look pretty cool. I can only find pics on the pages of other shops so no linkies.


some of there yoyo’s come in a leather type case