what is this trick


how do you do that trick at 1:59?

kind of hard to explain but I’ve seen stuff like it in lots of freestyles.

also if you do know what it is and there is a little simpler version of it that would be great ;D

thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think it has a name or any tutorials as far as I know. You just have to watch what he does over and over and try it. It looks to me like it’s basically a quick sideways-ish eli hop then pull back and undercut and repeated quickly.

thanks ;D

quick off topic question:

when I do a regeneration out of a breakaway throw should it spin in the same or opposite direction as before?


Depends how you do it, but most likely the opposite.

so it may go one way and may go the other? ???

Depending on how you do it, yes.

Just experiment and you’ll figure it out. :wink:

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i think its a mixter of trixs

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omgsh… they are Asian pops…