What is this trick please? (YouTube Link provided...)

What is this trick please?  (link below)

@ about 25 seconds on the timeline he is in a double or nothing then whips the slack around and glides left then right on the string.

It’s a quick but very cool looking move…  I’d like to track down a tutorial or breakdown…

What is the name of this move please?

—> { https://youtu.be/fEGasdaPxTo?t=19s } <—

That trick is called the Gondola, there is no tutorial on yye but if you google “gondola yoyo trick” it should be one of the first results.

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Thank you very much!

Gondola is fun.

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Looks good AngryGumball!

It a very unique looking trick. Took no time to pick it up once I knew the dang name. :slight_smile: