what is THIS?! :O

At 1:11, what is that trick? Any tutorials?


I don’t know if it has a name, but it’s an Eli Hops/regeneration thingy the best I can tell.

If you go under yoyo vids and look at the one by yoyogurl watch the IYYO clip and when there is a slo mo part further trough the vid and the guy dos the same trick except from double or nothing.
Any ways all your doing is land it in a trapezeand le t the yoyo continue traveling around as if your going to do a double on trapeze; but instead of going on to double trapeze you drop the string when ithe yoyo is a little higher than your non trowhand index and keep reapeting the process as much as you want. It is easier to do it from double or nothing.

That was me that posted under the master not him were brothers and I thought that i was logged in but he was and yes I was to lazy to look or change it. ;D :-[

It’s a Eli hops/ Boomerang type of thing.
Here are the tutorials from Andre:

I would have to say it’s probably easier from a trapeze.

What it looks like is you do an eli hop, but more at an angle instead of straight up. Then you put your nonthrowhand index on top of the string and push that hand towards the yoyo, bringing the yoyo back to a trapeze. Then keep that finger going and pull the other way with your throwhand so that the yoyo pops off, doing another eli hop. Repeat.

Maybe someone with a high speed camera could figure it out and film it?

It looks like he is doing the first half of a lindy loop and sending the yoyo back out very quickly.

his moves remind me of mickey

I am sorry but I have to disagree i know from personal experience and from the high speed motion from YoYogurl that your actually cathching the string letting the yoyo fly otu and reapeting the process. The slomo part starts at 2:20 on the vid that says IYYO and world clips or something like that. Its the same trick but differemt angle.