What is this mark?

What is this “b” on my Horizon box? The yoyo was blue, so it might be “b” for blue?

yeah b for blue. my red horizon came with a red R on it.

I sure hope it indicates blue. I doubt it would be a b-grade because usually those would have an engraving stating it was a b-grade. If anyone knows better, correct me.

But I’ve received a number of yoyos that have letters on the package, and they almost always refer to the color. Especially when the yoyo is not visible through the packaging.

yeah i think they mark the color on the boxes you cant see the yoyo in.

YYF always marks a Bgrade symbol on the yoyo if it’s a bgrade, not the box. So unless the throw has the engraving, then you have nothing to worry about.

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The thing is, I got it from amazon. The seller was shown as yyf though…

My Golden Galaxy Horizon is marked “gg 14”.

“By YoYoFactory” does not mean that the seller is YYF. It means that the yoyo is a YYF product. Assuming you are alecto’s friend with the issue with your Horizon, you should contact the retailer listed on the product page from your Amazon order and they will likely be able to help you out.

I am not alectos friend and my horizon is playing fine, I was just wondering what the mark was. The seller was billybobs toy house or something like that.

I’ve bought from Billy Bobs website and on ebay several times. They have always been good to me.

Please do not refer to other online retailers. This is YYE and the forum belongs to YYE. ~skitrz

billy. bobs.

Billybobs is the best store in the world I shop there all the time


i wish yye would buy that domain already!

thats waaay to much referral to another site,not cool peeps,not cool :-\

Sorry wasn’t thinking. I’ve never participated on a forum where that is a rule, I get it. I’ll be more careful in the future.

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such a great website may I say lol

I know its amazing

Lol I don’t get it. A fishing shop???
Wow I can’t believe the forum has gotten to this; talking about fishing. The string’s not even the same.

Yeah like everyone else said, don’t worry about it. I got my Horizon from this site and it came with a B too. (Blue colorway btw)