What is the stupidest commercial you ever seen.


Mine was someone cutting the lawn with scissors.

(DOGS) #2

'Least he’s not cutting the lawn with a toothbrush.




HEAD ON. Apply directly to forehead!




Lol, those fruitless commercials are common. ;D

Likewise, I’m sure the stupidest commercials can be the enchanting and laughable ones.


I hate the state farm or whatever commercials, with the guy at the kids table… they’re so stupid

Edit: I meant AT&T Commercials SUCK. Not state farm, although those still arent great.


You might be talking about those AT&T commercials. Haven’t seen one of those in a while though myself.

How about that Cheerios and Grumpy Cat commercial?

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #9

Really puts the CHEER in cheerios



Mike must have a low advert budget.


Yep you were right.
I absolutely hate these commercials.


You got da motts?


Shake Weight.


Oh man, every night I watch a station with the longest commercials on it. And what’s really annoying is they never change the commercials. The commercial are redundant, advertising these super-useless products.


the commercial itself is okay, but the product it promotes… :-\


Cheetos commercials with that “new cheeto type!” WHO. THE. HECK. CARES.

Like Like you can bribe somebody at a hotel with freakin cheetos…

(WildCat23) #18

Not like Marshall’s are that great anyways…


Not the stupidest one i have ever seen, but still pretty stupid lol.
Talk into myy Elbowwwww!


All bank and car insurance commercials esp the ones that try to be funny when they really just rip you off. its so dumb they create fake competition so you feel like you get a choice but its all under aig auto insurance. and don’t even get me started on the federal reserve, which is the farthest thing away from being federal