Anyone Seen the T-Mobile Commercial?

Just saw a T-Mobile commercial that had a girl throwing a front pass with an unknown (to me) metal looking yoyo that appeared to look like hubcaps.  Anyone else seen it?

Here it is.  Yoyo scene is brief at about 15 seconds.

have you seen this one LOL

I don’t have tv. I’m useless in this thread.

I have not! That was way cooler than the one I saw!

Best commercial EVER!!

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Lol the last woman has zero yoyoing skills. It’s all photoshopped haha

Haha funniest thing ever!

Yes I saw the T-Mobile commercial! I paused it to see if it was actually a yoyo


That second one has Paul Yath and the Milk in it.

and Patrick Mitchel and Farrah Siegel :slight_smile:

That girl on T-mobile commercial looks like throwing a BTH

That MT Dew commercial was hilarious.

I paused it and it is actually a wheel yoyo it’s plastic and I have it

That Mountain Dew one is a classic. Just hilarious. One of my favorite commercials ever.