What is flow?


The word is used a lot, so I’m curious what people mean by it.

…and does it involve speed?


Flow is basically kinda like moving the same pace the whole trick/performance. Flow is when you don’t stop while in a trick (such as when like you have to untangle your string, or forgot what part to do next, etc.) Speed is controversial as to if it contributes to flow or not, and more of an opinion. For me personally, I don’t take speed into much account for if a trick,/performance is “flowy” or not. But some people do. Hope this helped!

EDIT: The term “flow” is also a little controversial. Some people have pretty high standards for someone to look “flowy” as opposed to other people, who don’t think it takes much for one to look “flowy”. This is just me though.


The Flow is a pretty sweet yoyo by Spin Dynamics also…


That it is :wink:


It could be referring to the mental state in which an acute sense of focus and concentration becomes apparent while completely immersed in a satisfying activity


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The smooth transitions between tricks is important to my definition of flow. Also, keeping two concepts as natural and organic-looking as possible:

  1. Direction changes: in a flowy combo, you can still change directions, but it usually shouldn’t look too abrupt. Circular movements for direction changes rather than linear. I’m sure extra-skilled people can make a flowy combo out of nothing BUT abrupt direction changes, though. :wink:

  2. Speed changes: I disagree that a flowy routine needs to maintain a fairly constant speed. But I do think that speed changes are typically organic and gradual rather than instantaneous when I’m characterizing a routine as “flowy”.


just imagine the flow of a lake. It is continuous without interruption and kind of soothing to watch. Now, just take that concept and apply it to yoyoing. You basically transition between tricks easily enough and without mistake and you have a certain ability to make it look like it is one trick all together. That is the definition to me.

Define Flow

This is an awesome definition as well.


This is what I learned:

So far it’s what I expected to hear from people, and I’m pretty much in agreement with their views.


Anytime Charles Haycock does anything it contains some serious flow