Define Flow

I’m sure most of you guys will have different ideas about it. For me, Flow is when someone is in tune with the music, and all their tricks weave together perfectly. What do you all think?

Flow compared to lack of flow is like vector to bitmap. One is smooth, continuous and looks good, while the other is jaggy, disjointed and looks rough. Of course there’s a whole spectrum in between.

Guy Wright… Dec/29/2007

That’s flow

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to move along in a stream:
The river flowed slowly to the sea.
to circulate:
blood flowing through one’s veins.

Just use a dictionary next time

It’s the difference between Hiroyuki Suzuki and Antony Rojas.


What I posted on a thread like this a few months back.

That was amazing. I love it when you guys post these older videos that us newer folk wouldn’t get a chance to see otherwise. So many bangers in that video.

Flow is like float, everyone seems to have a different opinion on what it means.


This is flow:

not exactly lol

For me “Flow” is when someone does slower slacky type tricks that flow into the next trick.

Prepare to see a great tennis match of “that isn’t flow, THIS is flow” for the rest of this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next match: “Define Tech”


I thought that had a lot of flow in it.

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Jensen’s 2011 routine is filled with flow, in my opinion. Those regens and whips doe.

There was flow, but the original post stated it “is” flow.
So unless the entire thing was flowy, I don’t think it should be so strongly defined

Well I don’t think you are going to find a routine that is pure flow.

Does it have to be a routine?
Why not just find a clip that is purely “flow” and use that as a interpretation of flow instead of a 3 min routine

You’re talking about every Gavin Lent video

This is great flow. Not Aaron Davis, but certainly not Gentry Stein.