What is a (virtually) mint First-Run Luchador worth?


Hey all, I apologize if this is against the rules, but I’ve been almost entirely out of the yoyo-world for about two years now and google wasn’t giving me a definitive answer. I own a almost-mint condition first run Luchador, although without the original bearing. I have not thrown it in probably a year and half or so and I could use some cash and I may be willing to (very painfully) part with it depending on how much it is worth.



I think mrsnowboard15 (http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=23220) is looking for one.

The thing is, you don’t see them pop up anymore. There are a couple of people who collect them but it’s hard to put a price on it. It won’t be ridiculously high, though. Your best bet is to put it on eBay and see what it fetches. It will be seen by more people there anyway.

Edit: And you should join the Yoyo buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook.


I myself would love to get my hands on a non mint one for a project. I recently acquired one that is pristine and can’t bring my self to use it as a project piece.


Ah. Thanks, I’ll try the facebook page and mrsnowboard. I used to trade on Yoyonation but it seems like that forum is shut down now so I wasn’t sure where to go. I’m not expecting anything ridiculously high for it, I was hoping for at least $100+, but I don’t know if that’s wishful thinking or not.


I paid $70 for mine. Not sure what run it was. Half blue half gray with engravings. Mint with pouch.

May have been $75 can’t remember for sure.


I beleive I paid $75 for mine around two and a half years ago. I think I still have the pouch lying around somewhere. I had hoped that it had hopped up in value a bit over time, maybe it hasn’t.

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