what is 44 clash or bomb squad?

What exactly is 44 clash? And what is bomb squad? I’ve seen stickers and shirts for them, but I was just wondering what exactly they where?


44 Clash is a contest in Japan I think and Bomb Squad is a company started by Paul Han that kinda combines the skateboard and yoyo cultures.

From what I know 44 clash is a huge contest that goes on every year, they have a no filming rule though. And team shaquler or however you spell it is an AP team set up by YOYOFACTORY of there best players.


44CLASH is a yoyo contest in Japan led by Kohta. It is well known for having a club/nightlife setting as it’s hosted in a club and a good collaboration between yoyoing and street cultures [like KIKS TYO being one of 44CLASH supporters]. Explicit songs are allowed for the contest and freestyle videos can’t be uploaded on video streaming sites due to Japan’s strict copyright laws [and Kohta doesn’t want trouble].

Bomb Squad is a blog, team, and simply a collective that combines yoyoing and street culture - moreso focused in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Awesome, thanks for the info and reply