44clash results are in


from a search on instagram for #44clash


Yeah, I don’t really care, since we’ll never see it. Why even publish the results?

(Amplified) #3

Yuuki still the GOAT.


t s been 7 years since he last beat mickey?


detailed 1a

Muh Chias first two cates are inconceivably low wut


Man i would love to see Janos and Yuuki’s routines. Curious what new madness Janos has come out with as the last couple routines of his i saw, while amazing, were pretty typical of what he used to win worlds. Sigh. Someone must have snuck some video.

Wow, why in the world is music such a heavily weighted category? Goodness.


Can someone fill me in why they don’t allow video for 44clash? And if someone comes across videos of Zach’s and Janos’ freestyles, please let me know ;).

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Dude takes 2 year breaks these days. Mickey is much more active. Being able to comeback like Yuuki does is more impressive than mickeys consistency IMO.


My image of 44 clash was Japanese ppl.
Then I see zach and janos
Then i see yuuki
Then i see coolness points.
Zachs hair won

(Bína) #10

Last 3 44Clash(2011,2012,2014) was won by non-japanese players. They use special rules for judging 1A, which doesnt use clickers. So from my understanding, it gives no advantage to fast players and heavily favour rutine construction and originality of tricks.


TEx does not give advantage to fast players, it gives advantage to people who use the same tricks over and over. just saying, the second part is still true.

(Former National 4A Champion) #12

It’s the rules of the contest. They’ve never allowed video. All you get is CLYW’s instagram clips, which are a first.


man, just noticed takeshi at 15th…


Dat exe tho. Also in comparison Janos has rly stepped up the game in PEv.


Coolness points should be at every contest.


leather jackets shades and skinny jeans at every contest


gotta have dat swag ::slight_smile:


Freestyles will be uploaded this year


Says who? Only thing I’ve heard about this year is they’re letting CLYW post 15 second instagram clips.


On facebook, Piotrek Smeitana got word that freestyles will be filmed. Don’t doubt a great possibility.