44Clash Videos?

Where are the videos of the 2014 44Clash contest? I know the results, but I haven’t seen the videos yet. Could somebody please post a playlist or something here? Thanks

No videos, like every year

Why not?

because in the rules no cameras are allowed in the building and all phones must be turned off.

It’s kinda odd that people would want that, and occasionally a picture does get out but its few and far between.

clyw posted instagram clips of the contest.

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Someone on forum said that this years performance vids would be uploaded; not confirmed tho so i dunno

There is no mention of cameras forbidden in the venue in the rules of the contest. I mean, how would they do teir teasers?
Yet, if this is true, as CLYW uploaded some videos on their instagram, wouldn’t they risk to be banned from the contest next year?

From the CLYW Blog:

CLYW were large sponsors of the clash this year, so it looks like they got exclusive video rights. :slight_smile:

Nice, I gotta get over to clyw’s instagram page to check them out.