What is 44 clash?

I see it on many yoyos.
What is it?

It’s a competition they hold in japan and Russia I believe

I think “44” means “yoyo” in Asia. Hence: “yoyo” clash contest in Japan.

44 doesn’t mean yoyo is Asia. The word for 44 sounds a lot like yoyo so that’s why a lot of people identify the number 44 as yoyo and use it in yoyo related things.

Is 44 Clash being held in 2014?

its the dipest ish in yoyo.

Is that right? In what language does “Forty four” sound like yoyo?

I don’t even know but maybe the Chinese word for the number 44 sounds like the Chinese word for yoyo…

“four four” sounds like “yo yo” in japanese

Actually, forty four when literally translated into English sounds like die die die :stuck_out_tongue:

I think 4 in japanise sound like yon so its yon yon :smiley:

44 Clash is a very high caliber yo-yo contest which began in Japan but has had offshoots in Russia. The rules are very strict and different from other, “league sanctioned” yo-yo contests. In particular, 44 clash is held in private and spectators are prohibited from filming the freestyles. Footage from 44 clash is very hard to see and the freestyles are not posted publicly.

It is called 44 clash because “44” is slang for yo-yo in Japanese.

44CLASH contests held in Japan are the private kinds where video recordings are prohibited. Japan has very strict regulations regarding using copyrighted material even in live performances. There are a ton of videos of the 44CLASH event in Russia, however.

The number 44 makes use of ‘goroawase’, Japanese numbers wordplay commonly used in the country.

4 can be read (among many other ways) as ‘yo’ (よ/ヨ).

44 = ヨーヨー = yoyo

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