What is 44 clash and shackler


so yea i see it on yoyos and stuff but what is 44 clash Shackler and josyxann


Shackler is a yoyo team based in Japan, 44 clash is a yoyo competition in Japan (I think), and joexann is usually a yyf yoyo that is a Joe Wilson and Ann Connolly edition, both of who are on the yyf team.


ok cool thanks


And Josy Ann is an oversized yoyo from german manufacturer ILOVEYOYO ;D


Have I found an ILYY lover?


I think you have :slight_smile:


The simple colors and graceful shapes result in each of their yoyos performing with elegance! Which is your favorite?


I absolutely agree. They’re probably the best looking yoyos on the market along with YYR. Right now this guy’s my favorite:

I was so excited to get ahold of this Torino. The green is such a rich deep hue in person and it’s a perfect fusion of the YYR profile and the graceful ILYY curves. I’ve got 2WEI that I’m loving as well, a Lynx hanging on the Christmas tree now, sealed away in its pouch, I’ve got a Fury on the way to me, I’m lined up to grab a Sakura in the near future, and I plan on adding a blue Lio and a Josy Ann to the collection come Christmas time.

I was going to suggest moving this discussion to PM or a new thread, but I don’t really think there’s anything left to get in the way of with this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


That Torino is gorgeous! I love how most of their yoyos have that inner hub that seems to cave in when looking straight at it. It has become a staple along with the full velvet pouch,the gleaming pin, and the red hot sILLYcone that is always perfectly installed!

I’ve got a WLYYM2011 edition Sakura, and I have to say, it continually sways me away from my Chief. I plan on purchasing the newly released Greyhound and a Lynx! I’m also looking at that Chroma finished Void. However once I realized that the Falcon is discontinued, it has become the top of my list.


for you guys, there are 1/28 candy blasted green falcons for 75 bucks on a site that shall not be named.


There are still some falcons left at this site. I just got one and I’m loving it!


just meant to add that

“44” can be pronounced “yoyo” in Japanese (although “yoyo” is not the standard pronunciation for saying “44”)


yes and by josyxann think you meant Joe x Ann and that is just a special colorway genesis by yoyofactory
but the Josey Ann is a ilyy


i did not know that…Merci


Definitely ninja’d you by like 2 and a half days bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I feel like I should clean up some of the information that was given in this thread. As previously stated, 44 Clash is one of the biggest yoyo contests held annually in Japan. Shaqler (note the spelling) is a yoyo team that competes in the Artistic Performance (AP) division of most major contests where the division is offered (Worlds and I believe 44 Clash). Joe x Ann is not just a colorway, but rather a representation of a collaboration with YYF-sponsored players Joe Wilson and Ann Connoly. Obviously there have been colorways and special editions named after them, but that’s not the true meaning of the term.


Don’t forget me!!! :o
I love ILYY. :smiley:


I know a site that has greyhounds (canodized) and verves.


good for you. :wink:


No, great for me!
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