What I would love to see in the future.....


Okay so I was looking at the Summit from CLYW and OneDrop and, other than the hot pink, two color ways really stuck out to me. First was the normal blizzard (blue with silver splash and speckle) and the Hot Fire Lava colorway (red with yellow and orange splash)
Now what I really want to see is A summit, or any yoyo for that matter, that’s one half blizzard and the other half Hot Fire Lava. And we shall call it fire and ice.
It reminds me of two dueling dragons and I think it would look amazing.
They did it for the solid blue and green colorway so why not for fire and ice?
Anyone else agree?






A Deadly spins Wrath with Side Effects. < In some really vivid splash/acid colorways.

Easily one of the most underrated yoyos in modern history.

I really believe some SE’s and some in yo face colors would be a Hit.


That would be awesome.


jensen or chuck signature yoyo


Canvas was basically Jensen’s signature. I really hope they name Charles’s sig the Woodchuck.




Even a combo of the blizzard and the fire blizzard