What happens when you burn engravings on a yoyo?


I actually don’t know. I want to try it out and see what happens. Will it change color or like melt away? And by burning I mean putting the engraved side over a flame like a lighter or stove fire.


Do it outside. I’m not sure what will happen. I’m not interested in finding out firsthand.


I guess


I would assume it would turn black. However, there is a chance it will turn orange/red, because when you engrave metal at too hot of a temo, it causes the engravings to be orange rather than white.


okay so i just did it and nothing happened. except a liquid forming around the engraving. it wasn’t water, but still…


Pics of the deformed throw?


And the reason for doing this is???


pyromaniacal exploration…




I’m pointing at the burned part and the liquid is on the napkin


Don’t play with fire.


The liquid might be ash?


you can find wood burners at a local art/hobby store. I have done it before. Tmbr has the eh which was lazer engraved which burning can give it that effect. It darkens the wood in the places you bring the burner over. The burner is kind of like a hot pencil.


I saw copper art at a fair once. They was’n dem der sheets o coppa dat som’n had tak’n dem dere lighta to.

And by that I mean, copper changes color when heat is applied. A great range of color is possible. Now I want a copper-coated yoyo.