What happened to "Let's Play YoYo?"

How often does he normally release vids in this series? I thought it was weekly but guess I am wrong?

I want the next episode, too! He intended to do them weekly… but man, that’s a gruelling schedule. I’d be happy to see a new one biweekly.

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I have it on good authority that EP 10 is in the works :slight_smile: so be patient mike will return and blow our minds as usual 8) .

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Is supposed to be every week but he hasnt done one in like 3-4 weeks. I dont know if he’s just busy or decided to finish the series.

Well hes also filming tutorials for the tricks in the LPs (im pretty sure he’s working on a Paprika tutorial)

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Still working on it, life got busy, Let’s Play doesn’t pay the rent unfortunately :frowning: I will post Ep 10 here once it is ready :slight_smile:


Yea I’m sure the episodes eat up time that could be used for many other things. Just glad you didn’t drop the series. Good to hear they will still be made.

Yea, the series isn’t stopping this soon, I have a lot more than 9 tricks I want to learn :wink:

Mike with your gorgeous face you should become a model on the side. Pay your bills that way. This way we could get moar episodes quicker.

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Hahaha! Don’t you need to get trained to be a model? Or does the photographer just know how to make you look the right way? I’d seriously consider it if it were possible but I don’t know any photographers in the area, they’re all in California and New York.

I think for longer tricks I may have to split the Let’s Play’s in to two-parters or simply not accept trick challenges of tricks longer than 10 seconds or so. Not sure yet what I want to do about that… I’m learning Aqueous for ep. 10 and just haven’t had much time to sit down and learn it, and when I do have time I have to relearn what I already learned, so it’s dragging things :confused: