Introductions and Scuzzlebutt - Let's Play Yo-Yo - Ep. 001

(MikeMonty) #1

Hey guys, I’m starting a new video project and I’m calling it “Let’s Play Yo-Yo”. I’ve been looking for a good video blog concept to go with and I stumbled on this yesterday. I watch those “Let’s play minecraft” and “Let’s play (whatever game here)” videos from time to time and realized that I could basically do the same thing with yo-yoing so here we go. This is the first episode, in it I show off an original trick and introduce the vlog concept.

This won’t be for everyone but I thought some might find it enjoyable to follow along as I force myself to learn new yo-yo tricks :slight_smile:

Suggest some hard 1A tricks for me to learn if you like the idea and think I should learn something specific. Otherwise I’m going to go find something cool looking on YouTube and go from there :slight_smile: