What happened to 3yo3?

With all the new Ti throws releasing I couldn’t help but remember something that was posted on the official 3yo3 manufacturers thread…http://i61.tinypic.com/mspdg.jpg
A Ti5 with se’s!!!
This was posted on June 22nd of 2014, over a year ago.  This left me questioning what ever happened to 3yo3 and Landon? and will this throw ever release?

Landon is still around, he seems more focused on his car part business at the moment (LRB Speed)… I’m sure he’ll do more yo-yos when he has time for it.



He posts new stuff on his 3Yo3 Facebook page every so often.

He just bought a Nissan s12 200sx :smiley:

I ate them

Him buying cars is like most people buying lunch… he and his wife have 20+ rx7s as well.



I bought a hardcoat bassline from him not long ago. He’s just busy doing his thang.