what full length string trick should i work on

im new into yoyoing but i am past all the regular tricks what full length string tricks should i start on

um kitty string has some very consistent stuff… also you probably should be using a strings full length when your learning unless your really tall. Also, what do you mean by “regular” tricks? does that mean you have been past advance part 2 on the YYE learn section?

I guess he learned from another site that sells the bad sage yoyo ,

Learn lotus bloom.

At least you all have Trick Sites like this in your day…, In my day, we had to walk 15 miles up hill. (TrickBook).

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Yup. Just start watching videos from other sites if you want to learn other people’s tricks (which is mainly what I do, too). You’ll see something you like and you’ll invest the time in learning it!

If you’re up to a challenge, I think most people would agree that Rancid Milk is a pretty classic “long” string trick that’s worth learning.

Both ways!

After I started throwing I only saw or entered one contest. Before that I had NEVER seen another person throw a yoyo and I only had a black and white paper Duncan book to learn with.

By the way, that was 1961!

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Blimey! That’s an impressive start date right there.

It must have been amazing to see how yoyoing has changed and grown over so many years. Did you ever think it would end up how it has today? :slight_smile:

This site is a treasure mine of good stuff.  Pick whatever looks awesome to you.

lotus bloom is cool.

Its what I’m learning now. You’ll see it at rethinkyoyo.

You win the thread

When I was a kid I only knew of tricks like Sleeper, Walk the Dog and Rock the Cradle.
I started back about 4 years ago (after taking about 49 years off) and was amazed at all the changes in yoyo’s, style and tricks. I have only been able to reach an intermediate level and am in awe of the skills demonstrated by people like Gentry Stein.

Just practice Gerbil. That seems to be a good one, and can be used as an ingredient in a combo trick.