What exactly is Save Deth?

Apparently its such a big deal. But I have no living idea why “Dave” and “Seth” would be turned into something major.
Can some explain what Save Deth is?

Hmmm. I had this exact question too. ???

as far as I know, they’re just yoyo/street culture enthusiasts

they used to sell clothes, like T shirts and whatnot, and they made 2 awesome yoyo DVDs in “Save Deth vol.1” and vol.2 (if you can get only one, get the vol.2 but both are great)

I believe they promote yoyoing as a lifestyle

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Save Deth is a designing company ran by two guys with the names Dave and Seth.

Something obviously too legit for you to know about.

Dave Poyzer and Seth Peterson. Both Awesome yoyoers and Great people!

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The interweb is a stream of information…I use google when I fish…


I hate to say this, but, __________
All you do is ruin peoples topics and threads.

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He is sort of right. You aren’t really helping anyone out when you say that.

maybe he should look into things before he post. like whether or not its smart to go ethug on jayyo .not smart

I figured when I read that, it immediately became something I lost any interest in at all.(the response being quoted initially). In effect, it became a “Deth Sentence” and no point in saving any interest in Deth anymore. I had very little interest in it in the first place, but now that has dwindled to none.

because him saying that completely makes this thread unusable. please for the love of god get a sense of humor.

Is save deth still making videos?

Jayyo always does that stuff. Annoying… Well I always wondered what Save Deth was and now I know, is it worth buying the DVDs?

Thank you.

For real guys.

Get over it.

Arrigato gozaimasu

A vol.3 is in the works but there is not particular deadline

yes it’s worth it, first, you’ll find stuff that’s not on the internet, good stuff, the vids are mostly 1A, 5A and a bit of 3A, there are also the best source for 5A double dice tricks.

Vol. 1 is in 3D and comes with the tainted glasses, vol. 2 is in normal/2D and features players such as Kimmit, Severance (both, actually), Jon Rob, Markmont, Doc Pop etc… etc…

definitely worth the buy, and if you can figure tricks out from vids, worth it even more.


Enough Josh…