Save Deth

What is that Movie all about?

I really really don’t know what is that thingy all about, can someone explain?

The ultimate fusion of art and yoyo celebrity sprinkled with top notch indie music, godly editing, and heavenly camera angles.
-Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen,

Basically two fellas who are amazing at yoyoing (Dave Poyzer and Seth Peterson) featured some of the best yoyoers on the planet into their DVD’s (a bit like Throw 2008). There are currently three videos, Vloume I, Volume II, and Spring Break. They also have clothes!

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Tyler Severance is pretty big in it.

here’s my 2-cent review:

i don’t do a lot of “reviews” anymore. i have a whole blog now for yammering on about yo-yo’s. and obviously, this isn’t a yo-yo at all, but an upcoming dvd… still i feel compelled to write something down about it here.

i saw volume 2 at its premiere screening at worlds. i sat on the floor immediately surrounded by joey fleshman, sebastian brock, mark allen, and others who feature prominently in the film. i watched parts of it again and again throughout the event, as it aired over and over on the 1965 tv screen dave and seth set up at their booth. then, when i got home from worlds, i watched it again on my own tv, along with my 6 year old little girl, who is just learning to love playing with yo-yo’s.

i feel that i can say without reservation that volume 2 represents the best job anyone has ever done of capturing yo-yo on film. every part feels different and unique, not just because there are different players, who obviously throw different tricks. but because of the way each part is shot, lit, and edited. save and deth (i mean… you know what i mean) clearly tried to consider the character, attitude, and persona of each subject carefully in their planning, and as a result, each sequence contributes and plays to each player’s individual brilliance. the soundtrack is essentially all bands i don’t know, but it all fits together perfectly, and the little animations (done by sid) add a great touch. it’s also got several special features, among them an abe/john bot/alex ulrich montage, an adam brewster clip from ecc '08 (i remember watching that being filmed… sweet nostalgia…), outtakes, and commentary (which i haven’t actually listened to yet).

every scene feels like it’s been done to spotlight the player, first and foremost. i loved volume 1, but in comparison, this offering is less self-indulgent, and more about the people, and the incredible tricks that are thrown down than the really cool shots or editing ability. it would be difficult to pin down this or that part as my “favorite”, since from stem to stern, it’s all pretty great. the mark montgomery part is excellent, in part because dave and seth decided to actually slow him down in parts. one could conceivably ACTUALLY figure out bits of what he’s doing, for once. the paul han part is equally fine, because it features both his ridiculous yo-yoing along with clips of his skating. i’m always a sucker for videos that describe their subjects as multi-faceted people. jensen kimmet, tyler severance, and sebby all feature in parts that are sure to be beloved by yo-yoers, if only on the basis of their yoyoing’s terrifying technicality (and its aesthetic beauty)… but my favorite part might be danny severance’s. it involves a coonskin cap, and i’ll say no more. my daughter’s favorite was, by far, abraham dagravedigga ziaimehr (maybe i should be alarmed by this, but at the same time… of COURSE it’s her favorite) said clip features some of abe’s trick-insanity, alongside even more of his regular insanity. i dare you to watch abe’s yo-yoing and NOT smile. i dare you to watch this dvd, and NOT want to go play immediately; NOT want to reinforce your status among this slightly crazy, truly incredible tribe we’ve fashioned for ourselves as yo-yoers. this dvd succeeds in that it will make you want in. no matter your level, it will make you want to be MORE of a yo-yoer than you are.

SAVE DETH volume 2 receives 5 eds. most distinguished indeed.

whileI was watching the Save Deth Volume one trailer I realized something.
it features Yuuki Spencer and Tyler Severence in it before they won their respective divisions at Worlds since the DVD was origianally released at Worlds 2007. (I got the release date from thier blog.)

Save Deth is a kind of “lifestyle brand” based around Yo-Yo Culture. Our main focus is DVD and Clothing, but we branch out into other areas like Collaborative yo-yos, Upgrades, Books, Stickers etc.

We try and keep our blog updated regularly with posts about our lives, yo-yo stuff, videos and new products. Check it it

Well i think it is about yoyoing lol


seth makes videos about some of the best yoyoers in the world from different angles