Save Deth's Seth Peterson - YoYoSkills Interview

(Chris Allen) #1

Save Deth has changed the way Yo-Yoers think about style. DVDs, T-Shirts, Yo-yos, Save Deth is a huge influence to the entire yo-yo community. One half of the award winning team, Seth Peterson, has joined for an interview session. is proud to present our interview with this amazing yo-yoer and artist, Seth Peterson.

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(SR) #2

Awesome! Cant wait to see more from you! That is one sick graphic… so is the hSpin Save Deth. Awesome, dryoyo!


'Bout time for another interview! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mark) #4

Just telling you, you spelled Peterson wrong here. Anyway, great as usual!

(Chris Allen) #5



Nice interview :slight_smile: