What Does "Wide Catch Zone" Mean?

Just what the title says. What does a “wide catch zone” mean? I hear it alot, but I don’t understand what it means. Is it just like from one rim of a yoyo to another, and that in-between space is the “catch zone”? Also, does a wide catch zone also help with slack tricks and/or suicides? Or does that all depend on you and the string? Thanks!

Wide catch zone means that a yoyo has a wide area in which you can land on the string.

Ok, thanks! Do “wide catch zones” help with suicides and slacks?

Not inherently.

They help you catch certain kinds of string manoevers more readily. :wink:

If you have a slack that’s hard to aim, it gives you a larger target to hit, so it can help in that regard.

For suicides, no idea. I’ve seen people claim that high walls help suicide loops, and I’ve seen people claim that low walls help suicide loops. But certainly for plain ol’ trapeze-type suicide, there’s something about wall height that’s going to be more important because it’s interacting with where the string is. But once you’re out past the gap itself, the string isn’t aware of the shape of the yoyo. Wide catch zone doesn’t offer a benefit.

Sweet! Thanks alot! I appreciate your help. :slight_smile: