What does the Christmas edition X-Con Pro look like?


Want to know. Please respond quickly.
Pictures would be appreciated.


Does anyone Know?

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Please wait mare than an hour before bumping a topic. I don’t think anyone knows.


They make CHRISTmas edition yo-yos, cool


Here ya go, just imagine it has gold rings… :wink:


Thanks man, sorry about the bumping thing, I didn’t know.


Yes, I got one in the mail yesterday! Love it. It is gold rimmed and also has a Santa Character on the front. Let me see if I can upload a video I made last night super quickly.


Here is a quick video I did last night spur of the moment so my tricks suck but cool background!


I had to watch that one twice. Once for the fireworks, then the second time for the yoyo stuff!

That’s over at Epcot, right? It may be a while before I get back to Walt Disney World Resort, but who knows.


Yes that is on the “Boardwalk” with the ESPN Center in the background and I’m right in front of the Atlantic Dance Hall where I DJ at once a week. All of the managers and the lighting tech went outside to see the Christmas finale and we were watching for a few seconds and I was like HEY! QUICK VIDEO THIS! So I grabbed my iPhone and handed it to the door host and jumped up on a bench that was there to video. I think I was too excited to land hardly anything and the wood bench was wet so I was slipping, but it still looked really cool. I’ll actually be up there DJ’ing again tonight so I might try to run out and get a better shot this time.

I’m really surprised because the YYJ XCon Christmas edition actually looks like it is glowing in the dark too!


I was gong to ask about that, because it did look like it was glowing.

I was thinking “starlight or die-nasty? Why would he have a glowing plastic?”. Must have been how the light was bouncing off it from the sign in front of you. But yeah, it totally looked like it was glowing, which wasn’t bad.

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Yea your x-con pro does look like it is glowing or maybe reflecting


Santa on a yoyo cool gold rimmed even cooler sounds well… COOL!!


me want. btw, the pics are up on the x con pro page


nice dude… i thought you were about to fall in the end… when you were walking backwards  ;D


Haha! I tried to do another one last night, but I still sucked it up. This one was with my OD Dang.


What tricks are you doing I can’t tell you’re missing because I don’t know what you’re doing.haha other than that one eli hop