what does stable mean?

if my yoyo is stable what does it mean?

stable means if a yoyo doesnt tip over and off of the string

it’s also where horses live… or sumo wrestlers, actually. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heya

i am on a ROLL of helpfulness today!

When you throw it down, the yoyo stays up, and doesn’t tilt over and spin out. Also when your doing string tricks the yoyo doesn’t change it direction and spin out. And also you can just feel if a yoyos stable by throwing it down. :wink:

ahh, just realize that theres horse on my yoyo…

essentially, the ability of a yoyo stay in an upright position. . .

Or it stays in the same place for a sustained amount of time.

I was thinking where you put the horses haha.

yeah how well it stays straight up and doesnt tilt

now i get the idea. thanks!