what do I do from here?

Okay so I’m not sure if I am good or not… I can do Ladder Escape. I got Akira down in about 2 days and same with Soiled Panties. Akira was choppy at first of course but I smoothed it out. I am working on Soiled Panties to smooth out and its going well. I do not feel I know enough elements to create good combos etc. Does anyone have any tricks around this level that I should try out? Sometimes I look at tricks and I don’t know if I would be able to do it… I feel like I would be really good if I just learned more tricks and wasn’t scared of trying to make up my own. OCD?? NO idea… Thanks community!


I would say that Ninja Vanish is a good, cool-looking trick to learn. It’s very impressive. Same with Brent Stole.

I also think that Heart Slack (my favorite trick) is a nice trick that not many people know about. It’s easy, and is a nice looking slack to throw into a combo/freestyle. If done correctly, it looks fluid and cool. Just do a quick youtube search of “Heart Slack” and you will find it.

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I actually just learned heart slack… didnt know the name till I looked it up. I saw a video of jayyo :-X doing it but with more of “forced rejection”. this way is much better. I got all brent stole and ninja vanish. I do ninja vanish to the end of haddock a lot and I do brent stole to reverse whip, regular slack, chopstick, to tower. I was thinking more a long the lines of like combos like tricks like Ladder Escape and Soiled Panties for tricks on my level? Thanks a lot!

If you go on rethinkyoyo.com He makes tutorials on a lot of tricks like that so you can browse through and find the tricks you want

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Thanks! I have been there and learned a few tricks. Jason Lee Sling being my favorite on that site. Way more people should know about that trick…its really cool to add to a frontstyle combo if done smoothly which is a little difficult but can be done.

The problem with that site is I kind if feel I need tricks between the medium and hard. Between level 3 and 4 if I am correct? 4 being the last and hardest? Some of those tricks honestly dont appeal to me. I’m either intimidated by them and worried I will hit a spot in the trick and get stuck or I think it looks too hard and doesn’t look fun or look cool to put the effort into learning it. Just not my style but I can totally appreciate it. I saw grandma kimmitt sandwich and im definitely down with that though.

Best way to attack new tricks is to just hit them head on. I have tricks that I don’t care for either but you get a lot out of learning them anyway. By learning as many tricks as possible you improve your skill level and technique. On top of that, those tricks may in fact be great as transitional pieces to a routine. And also you can dissect those tricks and use just parts of them for new tricks, to spice up a routine or to add to other tricks.
You’ve come this far! And you’ll learn all the tricks you want with practice!

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I agree. Rethink is fantastic. Between his stuff and Brett’s great slow motion tutorials a person could stay occupied for life learning new stuff.

@Sniffyo on twitter

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My hat, it is thrown in.  Here are a few of my tricks in tutorial form, check under “Complicated to Ow My Brain Hurts”.  I have no idea how to have an accurate numerical quantifier of difficulty, so there you go.


Can’t go wrong here! Some awesome tricks and well explained! Plus you get some cool musical solos!

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What I did at that point is I just went off on my own and started making up my own tricks. I wouldn’t say that you don’t know enough to make up your own tricks. the only way to figure out how to make your own is to try a lot and progress slowly. I started with some basic short stuff, but my combos got better and better and longer and longer as I learned the mechanics. that’s what I did, not sure If it’s the same for anyone else, but that’s what I would recommend doing at this point. just don’t get frustrated if you don’t get good stuff at first.

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This is the best advice. I usually watch other people’s videos or tutorials, take one little element I like, learn it and build it into my own combo. That way I"ve learned something new, but am still working within my current skill level.

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I know like every trick on this site except those… Got soiled panties down in a day (smoothing it out now). I have made up some tricks. Nothing too long though. But is this really like not good enough in most peoples eyes to make up tricks?

Yeah I would agree with him because ninja vanish and Brent Stole are some pretty cool looking tricks.
Also there are lots of cool variations and whips of the Green triangle and also many different types of lacerations. Once you get those very smooth they will look AMAZING! Hope this helps!

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