What did you get in the mail today? 2021

some airetics slims I bought from a forum member. plus a homemade string and stickers all wrapped up in a birthday card :sweat_smile:


Mail day one my sought after palp


Especially excited to get the Saboteur. @ThatFlippinGuy knocked it out of the park. Beautiful throw, plays so nice.


All sorts of packages showed up today!


Good god this colorway is gorgeous (and somehow still in stock)
Never threw 7068 before and am having tons of fun with this!


I need somewhere to flex/brag/show off haha

Just got in a M1 MacBook Pro with 16gb of ram and 512 SSD.
This thing smokes! Without a sweet!
And the battery is crazy! I’ve been using it pretty hard for over 3 hours playing games, looking for and downloading new apps, browsing the net, watching YouTube and playing on my iPhone with the image mirrored to my Mac (haha how cool is that?)…
And I’m still at 45% battery.

Using an old Razor Naga mouse I use to use for World Of Warcraft (tank FTW!)…and I just picked up the ps5 controller today. I’d prefer a ps4 controller but the whites are out of stock everywhere.

Oh and green keyboard cover.
Because. Green! :green_heart:

Sorry for the brag! haha I’m super excited though and needed a place to flex! :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you like that bar at the top?
I seem to remember the first iterations of it receiving poor reviews, but I haven’t looked into it lately.


Yeah there’s a big divide on it. A lot of people hate it…some people love it.
I like it. It’s pretty much the only reason I went with the pro over the air (though I like the way the pro looks more too).
I think it’s super cool…and it’s very responsive. I have hit it a couple of times on accident though which is one of the complaints people have had.


Very impressed with this slimline!


Sugarglider has landed!


First non-onedrop this year


I see you got one. @leis What do you think?

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my fave hoodie of all tine

It actually feels lighter than I thought. It is still more on the solid side, just lighter than what I expect a 65g bimetal would be. It is surprisingly stable and holds its spin for a really long time, more so than the Batsquatch I used to have, and the pacing is a tad bit slower too. The feel in the hand is very comfortable thanks to the shape but the actual catch zone is slightly narrower than it seems. Just my first impression.