What did you get in the mail this week?

(ClockMonsterLA) #3853


Did you get the one with full engraving or minimal engraving? Matte or shiny finish?

I love the aqua color on the Shutter and have one matte with full engraving and one shiny with minimal engraving.


I’ve got a first run they are just really great throws. Good job!


I got the camera type shutter design and it seems that is only on 1 side? Matte…

(ClockMonsterLA) #3856

Arrived last night:

  • YYR Triad
  • JY Regulus II


What made you go for the Regulus, that one is very obscure?

(ClockMonsterLA) #3858

I’ve been gathering a few undersized throws for my collection, and I was charmed by its size, shape, and overall aesthetics.

However, it comes with a flat bearing which I’d like to swap out (for now), but I can’t open the dang thing with my bare hands. I’ll be trying doc’s method this weekend.


Pivot (not Czech Point) on the right and on the left… an amazing C3 level 6


Finally got my hands on a Copper plated Endeavor and a Yeti. I think I’ll give the Endeavor a bit of a polish before I use it!

(Victorian YoYos) #3862

That endeavor looks :ok_hand:



I like it. Not in love with it. Love takes time. It’s larger than what I am used to. I sooo wanted the big logo with the camera shutter design / engraving and thought I was ordering it. Came with 10 Limewire strings and a set of pads that match the Shutter color. Being only seriously into this for 5 months I am realizing how teensy-tiny differences in dimensions can drastically affect the way a yoyo feels not only in my hand but at the end of the string in moves / tricks as well.

(Justin Thompson) #3864


(Christopher Dougherty) #3865

You got me… I am actually a women too… :joy::rofl:


Came in the mail this morning. YoYo Factory Protostar. I gave it a few throws in the post office lobby and laundromat. I love it. A nice break from metal. Sometimes I want to throw something that does not look and feel like it was found in a UFO crash site debris field. I know, I know…there are some things made of plastic inside of UFOs.

(ClockMonsterLA) #3867

That’s the colorway I have as well, and at this point it is the only unresponsive plastic (non-hybrid) throw I feel is worthy of remaining in my collection (all my others I intend to put up on BST at some point).


I love my Sage as well but the Protostar is my favorite plastic. The YYR Triad has the weight rings so I put that in another category. On my first throw I could feel the outstandingness of the Protostar. I really want to love my WHiP and One and I play them from time to time but…oh, I play both of those unresponsive.


Old school in two different dimensions!

(Jim Honaker) #3870

I was really thinking of picking up that resto. Can you snap a photo next to a Deepstate. I would love to compare the two in size. I think it would compliment it as an unresponsive pocket throw.


I love that packaging so much I wouldn’t want to unwrap it. It looks like it’d look cool on a spinner rack and if they were $5.99 I’d buy em all.

(Choncworth) #3872

Scored that same Hatrick, good taste sir.


I figured made in USA, gotta go with USA colors, right??