What did you get in the mail this week?


Oh, I didn’t say what the random bunch of strings on the top was! :joy: those are more bbb string theory. I hope you enjoy!

(Duncan Ely) #3693

It’s been a good week! CLYW Manatee, OD Valor, and OD Deep State. Thanks to the guys who helped get these!

(Jim Honaker) #3694

Quite a bit his week. These were all for Christmas. HotDiggidy 2nd run, Silenus, Kuntosh, Benchmark O 2016, anniversary Gradient and stand, and a pair of Loop 720s.

Got my new Akita in today and it meets all expectations. The hype is real, at least for me.

({John15}) #3695

That gradient looks clean my dude

(Spinworthy Glen) #3696

Been playing these a lot after getting them a couple of days ago. These are currently my two favourite yoyos.

@DocPop, your yoyos are absolutely fantastic! They have a beautiful and satisfyingly play feel.

(Nathan) #3697

How does the Akita play?

(Jim Honaker) #3698

It is pretty sweet. Never had one of the original ones, so when I seen this I picked it up. It has a super matte finish and the etching looks super nice.

(Jim Honaker) #3699

The Akita is super nice. It is probably going to be my favorite throw. It has some pretty decent competition too.

Size is very comparable to the Wide Angle. If feels fairly light on the string and floats beautifully through the air. It has good spin power with nice wide steel rings as well.

More importantly it feels very comfortable in the hand. Smooth curves and a wonderfully smooth finish. The colorway is very nice too.

(Choncworth) #3700

No spoiler on color, will say it is a pretty classy combo.


(Ken) #3701


(Ken) #3702

Got this one pretty late but a very nice addition to the collection indeed!

(Tyler) #3703

Really liking the pink one on the left - what yoyo is that?

(Spinworthy Glen) #3704

It’s a DocPop Icarus.

I think the Markmont Classic is a great organic yoyo. I think this one is even better.

(Joseph) #3705

Is the Akita super floaty, or just a little floaty? And does it have a little bit of a heavy feel while also feeling light?

(Jim Honaker) #3706

I suppose it depend on what you compare it to. I am not good enough to give you a true assessment. Only how it feels to me.


This lovely little DV888 from @gcoomans. Size comparison with a Replay

(NickSaboo) #3708


(Evan Landreneau) #3709

Is that a plastic bearing? I didn’t know they made those.



(Evan Landreneau) #3711

Oh wow. I thought they only made metal bearings.

Well I guess that old saying IS true:

You learn something new everyday.