What did you get in the mail for 2019 / 2020?

I really need to find someone willing to sell me one of those freebie green butterflies!


That’s a 2WEI 2019. It’s my first ILYY and IL it!


Hey man!

It’s Bryan and I work for Duncan ( I feel like I have to introduce myself, - ha!).

It’s unfortunate that you didn’t like it! I’ve gotten a lot of feed back after the release, but before I go through the list, I want to tell you and everyone the design process:

I’m a big fan of responsive yo-yos, I grew up in 2003 era, and stopped playing responsive around 2010. So it’s a thing that hyped me up after seeing modern responsive becoming a thing. When we designed the Butterfly AL, we had light and heavy prototype; the lighter version doesn’t spin well, and we cannot put longer axle, but will play closer to any metal responsive metals out there. The heavier version is close to the production, but we changed the edges, and we made the cap thinner. Overall, this made it more durable (10mm axle) + longer spin times.

NOTE: It takes at least an hour of play to adjust on heavier responsive metals.

A lot of people are really skeptical for bearing C Butterfly AL, until they set-up the yo-yos with their own liking:

Slim bearing C - if you like fixed axle tricks, this is their go to.
Default Set- up - add looping oil or thick oil.

Other opinions, release a bearing A version.

Overall, I learned that modern responsive market is a cut-throat. You’ll hear a lot of opinions because we have different liking and set-up. Fortunately, there are so many variations for this throw, here are some:

Bearing C : Thin/thick pads + responsive flat, thin/thin pads + responsive flat bearing, thick/thick pads + KK bearing, think/thick pads + KK lubed bearing
Half Spec C: thin/think pads + KK lubed bearing.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up anytime! bryan@yo-yo.com


Mongu Orbit
Mod Kit
90th NextGen
Half Spec Bearings

@bjardin I actually really like the Butterfly but I don’t think it plays well, I have only played it stock. I did pick up a half spec bearing and a mod kit to customize my experience. Could you share the production numbers of all the Stuff you had at Worlds.


We produced 50 Silver and 50 Red, but I gave away close to 17-20 pcs to team. Pretty much all yo-yos we had there is 50 each color.

The Freehand and Big Fun bundle are 100 each characters.


Is that an edgeless?




@Egon hooked me the heck up! :facepunch:

I’ve become addicted to these thumb chucks. I find myself picking them up multiple times a day. I’ve been getting all the basic tricks down (got all the basics HERE except for “back to the future”).
But more than anything I just like to mindlessly do rebounds, passes and hand rolls. I find it very soothing and it helps me focus. I pick them up when at my computer or when watching tv.
I also struggle with insomnia…have since I was a kid. My mind races so bad at night sometimes that it drives me nuts.
I’ve been picking my chucks up and counting rebounds as I lie down to go to sleep and damn it helps! 1…2…3…4…it gives me something that doesn’t take much effort to focus on instead of my mind going all crazy bouncing from one thought to the next and it’s been great!

Can’t thank you enough @Egon. I saw these things years ago at walmart but passed on them as I didn’t think it’d be something I’d stick with or have much fun with. But now that you’ve sent me them, I can’t get enough!!


You might also dig Begleri. Get a cheap set and give them a go!


@TheThrowingGnome hooked me up on this one! Asked him to pick up the Tourney box for me and he included SO MANY GOODIES!!!


I am really enjoying the Tourney it fits my lazy play style perfectly. Floaty feel that doesn’t want to be pushed into speed. Long and stable spin. Looks SUPER sharp!


How is it?

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I enjoy it a lot. Feels like my old school general yos. Has a very relaxed/chill feeling to it. Decent amount of floatiness, but not a fast feeling like the grail. I enjoy it a lot.


I had to get one of the new WAs to celebrate Gentry’s win!


Is it your first WA?

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Booo you didn’t get the fade


I had a WA for a couple of days a couple of months ago that I got from the BST, but I wasn’t too fond of how it played with included Airetic string, so I sold it soon after. I like it much better now that I’m using a poly string though!

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It wouldn’t fit in with my collection :pensive: Also the black engraving looks super clean


The fade and the silver look the same when spinning, so I don’t think he missed out on much. :wink:



Thanks for the yos @MarkD! These are actually glass smooth. I don’t wanna play 3a not cuz of damage but cuz of vibe :joy: grinds are so satisfying