What course will I take in college if I want to make yo-yo's?

The title sez it all… ;D

I’m getting confused… ???

Some sort of engineering thing. You need to know how to work with CAD programs and CNC lathes.

Mechanical engineering and proggraming, stuff like that. But makeing yoyo’s does not require really advanced knowledge, and it’s useually not enought to make a living off of.


Not really. You may want to take like one business class but don’t major in marketing. A major in mechanical engineering would be the best. The classes required for that degree would easily suit making yoyos. My brother is majoring in aerospace and it’s a lot alike and he could easily program enough to make yoyos.

Just be warned that it’s gonna be hard to get anywhere in the yoyo business.

That being said, follow your dreams if that’s what you really want to do. You need some sort of engineering course, not sure which one to be totally honest.

You don’t need to take any classes.
Get SolidWorks then Click click click clickety click.
And you have your yo-yo.

It’s a chunk of metal that spins around.

You aren’t designing a micro chip.
You aren’t making a next gen aircraft.

… Take a metalworking class

1.) False


2.) False

SolidWorks isn’t just clickety click. I could go off and make a yoyo not know mass, inertia, weight distrubution and specs. People REALLY under-estimate CAD. To design a yoyo, it takes time its not a few clicks and boom you have a peice of art. If that was the way we designed yoyos, they would suck.

Its a precision chunk of metal, lol.

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If you want to design a Yo-Yo you should take a Solidworks, or CAD related course. If you want to make a yo-yo you need to take a metal shop, or machining course(with emphasis on CNC lathe setup).

This machine has live tooling a little complex but yoyos like the Dif Internal Turmoil was probably made on a machine like this.

You don’t need an engineering degree to make yoyos. If that’s your goal in life you’re wasting your time and money getting an engineering degree. If your goal is to make yoyos go to tech school and take machinists classes. Some technical drawing will help as well. Or you could take the short route - buy a small lathe and have at it (school of hard knocks).

Probably some sort of engineering.

You don’t need a degree at all. You can make yoyos with a lathe and a piece of wood. If you want to make a precision yoyo of the highest qualities, you need to take classes that happen to be needed to get a degree in engineering. And making a living off yoyo making is very impractical. Becoming an engineer you can easily make yoyos on the side or become a fabricator, making parts for people and your own yoyos.

Engineering, design, mathematics and Metalwork.

You honestly don’t need metal work.

I know Metalwork isn’t a real requirement seeing as most stuff is done with cad and cnc lathe setups but Metalwork would be good for the fine tuning and detailing

Ok, how about we hear from somebody who actually makes yoyos now? Or should we just continue with random comments from people pretending to know what they’re talking about?

You don’t need a particular degree to do yo-yos as a business, you need a particular set of skills that come from a range of areas, depending on what you want to do yourself.

If you wanted to start and run a yoyo business yourself…

  • Engineering classes (some mid level math and physics should do): This will help in the actual design and understanding of the design and how/why it functions. This means the yoyo will perform the way you expect it to, and can be fine tuned to your particular taste.

  • CAD classes: The further you go here the better… you can draw a yoyo in CAD with just a basic class or two. However, to really make it work well you will want to understand 3d solid modeling and physics simulations. Solidworks (or even Inventor, though I’m not sure what it’s simulation abilities are) training is good here, as you can learn to build the model in 3d space, then test it in real world conditions without ever leaving the screen to see how it performs.

  • Marketing: Hype sells, period. The high end part of the industry is run -entirely- on hype… that’s what determines what the ‘hot’ new yoyos is. Learning to generate and control it is key to doing well in this (and many other) industries. This is arguably more important than any of the other factors… if you know marketing, it doesn’t matter how good your product is.

Now you don’t need all of these skills, but somebody within your company needs to cover the ones you don’t have.

All that said… learn the stuff I mentioned, but don’t learn it for yo-yos. There are only a very small handful (read: 3 or 4) companies in the world that make real money from yo-yos, and they’re very corporate. You’re better off in an industry that has real potential heh…

There are plenty of small yoyo “companies” that do almost none of these things, but they’re mostly crap… or ‘ok’ at best. There are some large companies that don’t do these things as well… they do well, but they spend a -lot- of money on prototypes that don’t work.


Kyle his the nail on the head!!! I would like to add one this to that list…Money! Unless you know people willing to sacrifice the time and materials, you are going to need money to get it off the ground. In the end, go to school in hopes of a career and make YoYo’s as a side project. Who knows, it may take off in time, but don’t hold your breath.