What colorway is this?

I just got a Code 2 in a trade and the guy didn’t know what the colorway was and i don’t either. It’s red, yellow, and blue acid wash, here’s a picture.

hippo samaurai should be able to tell you, he has one. I’m not sure though.

ok thank you ill ask him

It might be “Ninja Turtle soup” but i am unsure.

hey i am that guy and i am your friend :stuck_out_tongue:


i seriously know i real life though but yes i agree lol

so what color way is it ??? and please modify that “guy” to friend

i dont know yet and no

hey Eli you so fine you so fine you blow my mind hey Eli hey Eli lol but really change it

I call it the “gastric acid wash” colorway.

I’ve got a Code 2 like that. I believe it is called Ninja Turtle Soup. I also think it is 1 in five, but I could be wrong.

I thought Ninja turtle soup is different. I believe turtle on the forums got one.

I thought it was “Shutterfly”

Shutterfly CODE2 by onedropdesign, on Flickr

That CODE2 in question was a “mistake” ano by One Drop and they sent those out to team members and or people who visited the shop. Some are in the wild now. Dan Dietz has one of that colorway…

ASL… The shutterfly was more widely made and sold as it is an “A” grade ano job…

Still need one…

What on earth does ASL mean?

ASL means your name is too long :wink:

Wow. I am dumb. How did I not see that?

Yes my friend… ASL is you!!! HAHA