What bearing is most suitable for 5a yo-yoing?? (using YYJ Destiny)


I come up with some bearings like Terrapin swing cut, Dif-e-yo konkave and Onedrop 10-ball bearings.
I mainly play 5a yo-yoing and my throw is a YYJ Destiny!
Honestly I don’t want the original YYJ Speed bearing :frowning:


KKs and other string centering bearings help with stability which will help in 5a.


String centering bearings are the way to go for 5a.

Personally I prefer KonKaves but plenty of 5a players use CenterTraks.


So, does it have a noticeable difference between a konkave/centre track and flat bearings? Personally I really love the terrapin bearing but I don’t know how good terrapin bearing can help centering the string.


I’ve had a bad history with kk’s for yoyoing in general I personally love center tracks