What are you throwing in 2021?

I’m not much of a drinker any more, I’ve tried to cut back a lot on alcohol and replaced it with tea to relax in the evening. Today I’m throwing a premium linkx while my strawberry and cream tea steeps.


Palpitation for 1a and Yoshicuda for 5a


OPYoyo - Spright


Gravity with brass UL and 1 pair of weight rings

Still very smooth with the rings! I really enjoy this set up and playing it without any rings :grin:


Same. But with coffee and tea. Tea ceremony with matcha was fun to do. Same with making espresso.

Alcohol would be illegal honestly. Like most Dr’s have stated, if you tried to make it legal today (by today’s standards of health/safety), it wouldn’t happen. It is that terrible for your body. Like all of it. I didn’t drink until my 30’s and wonder why I ever acquired a taste for it. Well, I know, but… But geek’ing out over it was fun. I read books, had tasting notebooks, etc. etc.

A big un today.


Today:The Pistolero 2.0!:cowboy_hat_face:


Some white wine and the panorama while I bbq’ed dinner for the family tonight. I really really really like this yoyo - more than I thought I would. I have thrown it everyday for the past 3 months. I am hoping to do a write up on it when I get the chance.


What a nice landscape. Playing yoyo in this scenario must be truly liberating.


I highly suggest getting some clear Duncan “ballistic caps” it really fits well for the gravity


Dude, where’s the scotch???


Today at work.


June 8th was my 1 year anniversary as a thrower and seemingly, collector. Here is my family as of a couple days ago. I picked these up to put the vape down. So far so good but I don’t think I’ve saved any money.

Some personal facts:
RSO Gravity stepped in for OD Intro as my EDC @lytelvin
The red Butter is what I use to learn. She was my first metal and I love me some Butter. I have #3 on the way.
Cloudberry is so soft and fun! Thank you Atmos Projects! @rnsy
000 is piece of art.
Tom Kuhn is my role model in achieving the state of yo!
I’m quickly realizing how much I love Side Effects. OD is just so good.

I collect serial #22’s in memory of my mother. Gravity, Ti Vader, Shutter Steel and the RSO Bowl Mini are the group so far.

Thank you YoyoExpert! What an awesome platform you have here to bring the community together! I may not post a ton but I visit daily. @AndreBoulay @YoYoExpertGarrett


Day Tripper every single day. I’m kind of shocked at how fun I’m finding responsive yoyoing to be. I take this thing everywhere, including work dinners lol.




Can’t believe I left off an absolute favorite! Laphroaig cask strength. Been a favorite for over a decade. Always good! Really don’t even like anything below 100proof these days. Also love Talisker 10 or 18! You have to know the cayanne backend burn is there on purpose, as many think its cheap alcohol heat. It’s not. It’s the back bone to Johnny Walker black which I also like. If you want to drink a better scotch and cheaper than Blue label, try the Dalmore Cigar malt.

Can’t say the same for the Highland Park 18. Quit drinking it from bad batches. The last bottle I had was 2019 and not a hint of smoke or anything but hot trash. Pic in the ZT knife photo in the other thread.

Quit buying any Cheiftan blends too. Way to easy to spend $150-$200 on a bad bottle. They go buy ‘exclusive’ barrels from companies and have a ‘master’ mix them. The real story is they go buy the cheapest ‘off’ barrels from big names and blend them however they want and hype it. Most we’ve had were basic to trash.

Some of Ardbeg’s Limited releases have been good, many were young and hot with a splash of old stock for some complexity. i.e., not worth it imho.

That’s what’s ruined the last several years of even their standard blends like Ugge and Corry. All the old 20-25yr stock is gone or so low they barely use it. They are not near the same as they were.

Lagavulin 16 is alwasy consistent and good but what we’ve called the Honda of Scotch. So smooth and refined, it’s lost some character. Still one they start you on.

We waited and went though many before Islay as we read and were told, it’s a BIG flavor. Wish we never waited. They are our absolute favorites!
Highlands next as we liked Balvenie’s 12-15yr. The Glenmorangie Astar was great and brought back in 2019! A high proof (117) stellar Highland. The Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX had an amazing finish in Pedro Ximénez Sherry cask! Can’t recommend either enough.

Smokehead is a brash youngster that’s fun to drink and priced right.

Never liked Bowmore 12-18yr. Smelled and taste like my grandma’s old bandaid’s.

This is off the top of my head. Sorry so short :rofl:


That’s a great punchline color


Throwing this bad boy today.


Looks familiar…but I just can’t remember what it is. It’s a new one, right?


I believe it’s the bimetal Sistine


Getting the 44 ready to go with me to film a wedding today!


Is it your plus one?