What are you throwing in 2019?

(Choncworth) #146

ILYY Solid, with Zipline Strangz

(ZAC) #147

Honestly, it is pretty bad. It is slippy on binds and prone to knotting. You would be better off getting a topyo of any model. Colossus IV or Origin would be great choices depending on your shape preference.

If you really like the looks of the ghost tho I would gladly send you mine. I don’t think I will ever throw it again lol.




Blockade I picked up yesterday. I’m not generally into bimetals too much but I really love this one. It feels like a high performance sports car compared to my monometals


Reticulated Return Tops Boa Flat Black and Zipline Scales. Has been in constant rotation for the last few months. There is a good reason it was in all of the YouTubers top 10 for 2018.


Love the Solid! It’s cool ILYY still makes a yoyo every so often.


the same TING used in Off-road Yoyos’ "WIFE’S NOT HOME" youtube review


(Tyler) #153

Smashing Monocle

(Justin Thompson) #154

I’m throwing a hissy fit!




:thinking: this should be our second yo-yo release after “The Brick”


This guy is really interesting


Wooly marmot and monster edge

(Christopher Dougherty) #160

That is so retro! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you pick that up at?

(Spinworthy Glen) #161

Which yoyo? The Coke yoyo?

(Christopher Dougherty) #162

(Christopher Dougherty) #163

I don’t why my first post didn’t reply directly to him,but this is the yoyo I was curious about


Tell me more…


Still got that Bape2 in my pocket

(ClockMonsterLA) #166

What is that undersized raw throw?