What are you throwing in 2019?


I had never thought of it as being soft before but that word really fits, I adore my Puffin1 and rate it as one of the best yoyos in my collection

(Nathan) #495


(ZAC) #496

I would have to say that hot pink would be my personal choice.




Yeah! Use all of them and do some Quintuple Dragon style trick!

(G2 Jake) #499

(From the cranky old folks home) #500

That would then make it a Spintastics Manta Ray.

(Gethin) #501

I guess it would! Haha a Tiger Ray, or a Manta Shark maybe?



(Emmett H. ) #503

Found these bad boys on Buy/sell/trade👌🏽

(Mitch ) #504

I saw those. Pretty good deal. Do you hsve a g18 too? If so how do the two compare?

(Emmett H. ) #505

A killer deal for how smooth and in shape they are!:ok_hand:t4: And I do not, this is actually my first Gsquared!

(Mitch ) #506

Well congrats on that. The hype is real. Seems like some people say the original is a hair better. Maybe ilp find ouy for myself one day.

(Justin Thompson) #507

My complete collection as of today. And before I get any wisecracks, the pink Whip is my daughter’s :slight_smile:

(Patrick Dressel) #508

I love that purple



(Choncworth) #510


({John15}) #511


This is one of my white whales! Did you snag one directly from them or did this come from the bst?

(Choncworth) #512

From a buddy.


500 post. Handmade Skon titanium rimmed Duncan ProFly with hand grooved bearing and double pad recess with brass spacers. Made in Nippon and one of a kind.
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