What are you throwing in 2019?


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For every person that says they “suck” there are ten real people (non-yoyoers) that will think you are really good.


Well here’s what’s in my pocket today. I went home sick.IMG_20190122_085823

(Justin ) #272

How does it play?


Wooly marmot kinda day


And they say the older throws aren’t as good as today’s… but…

You have a great argument there


Nice. I hope you feel better soon!


Thanks. It is a beauty


ive had about 20 hours to think about what @anon19434144 said, so here’s today’s photo of a cheap yoyo in what i would say is a pretty decent photo


That’s a SUPER nice photo man :heart_eyes:


It’s a Bape2.


Don’t want to create any jealousy here, so I’m keeping if modest with a YYF Whip with bulk Kitty Regs and a Duncan Die, this is my 5A in the driveway set up.


Gonna repost this since we moved the OT stuff to a new topic.

I’ve been enjoying looping practice in the evenings with this $12 plastic. I am a sucker for light up yoyos.


$20 plastic looking like a hundred bucks


Didnt throw much yesterday, but the little time I did was spent with the DLRN and the doorknob. Today may be a Hatrick day.

EDIT: I lied. Bringing the OG out



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Is that a gold 5000QV??? :heart_eyes:


I got this sent to me in the post the other day and I have played with it a surprising amount! When the weather gets better I think I will go outside and try some 5A with it, but for the time being I have been throwing it around and been surprised by how fun it is! The only other plastic yoyo I have is the CLYW Big Dipper and I think I prefer this!


Yes I got it from One Drop for a Sov prototype I had lying around. My most excellent friends, I love those guys.