What are you throwing in 2018?


I’m supposed to offer this baby to @cowmamba but I forgot how sweet it is. Crap.


Hahah! @Grendel If it’s your pride and joy, keep it brotha! :smiley:

I’ve been throwing this OYY Lust recently. Prior to acquiring it, I’d been rocking the Recess Weekend for months.


That color looks awesome!

(Nathan) #699

I can tell you one thing: it is not currently sold on YoyoExpert.com.

(Nathan) #700

Is it the “Wildfire”?

(NickSaboo) #702

Yo this thr new one? Waiting on mine was hoping it be here by Christmas


Mine is much older. Not a new run. But man do these baby’s go. Merry Christmas dude!


It had to be done. It HAD. TO. BE. DONE!



(Justin ) #706


({John15}) #707

Got to spend some quality time with this beauty today


Where does it rank in the pantheon o’ One Drop in your estimation?

({John15}) #709




Sooo … the things on the right side you like less than the stuff on the left?

({John15}) #711

Scratch that, yes that is correct


I was JUST wondering why I never see anything in here about the Turntable 2. I got one in my mystery box and I love it.


Did you ever get a float? I finally did and it is fantastic.


New 10 yr anniversary hatrick. Thanks Ernie

Coming soon to YYE from what I understand.



Blood brothers