What are you throwing in 2018?


I generally don’t like to splurge on super high end fancy bimetal titaniums but I made an exception in this one case :heart_eyes:


Danny Severance Ywet


CoreCo Loop Diggers Alleycat


Bape2 x Viszilla



(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #680

SPYY MkII, the blue one. Had to get it out after seeing @vegabomb 's Mk3 In the bst.
The MkII is still such a sweet yo.



One of my favorite yo-yo graphics


Added a little color to my Nickel Parlay today.


3yo3 Al5

({John15}) #686

Dude, that looks clean!


Shinya Kido made me throw this one

(Tyler) #688

Pretty much all my throws I’ve gotten since starting in May this year

Row 1: All Yoyofactory: Hubstack Afterglow, Wedge, Replay Pro, Ko’Olau Edge
Row 2: YYF Shutter, YoyoZeekio Psycho Spin, KnotCreators IceWoof, yokudesigns Euler
Row 3: YYF ND(B grade), G2 OC, G2 Quake, Turning Point Houska Dry



(Victorian YoYos) #690

Dang 2


At the Avatar area of Disney this summer, they had these beads for sale in the shop. The holes were just the right size to slide the paracord through, and melt the ends to hold the beads in place!

Avatar Begleri, on Flickr


Nice, I’ve got one of the signed cards (which are very nice btw) with my Sleipnir. I am the third owner, and the second owner had a story that I can’t fully remember. I believe this particular yo-yo he said was an on-stage backup for Shinya-san
Edit: I need more ano like that in my life

(Ronald) #693



The General yo Hatrick to commemorate the 10 yr anniversary.