What are you throwing in 2018?

(André Boulay) #490

Love that half swap on the Overture - nice call!

(André Boulay) #491

That is ‘the’ Dark Magic II used in many of the ‘rebooted’ tutorials on the website. (Might have had a couple dents in the metal to prove it too - lol). :laughing:



(Ken) #493

That yoyo looks yummy


That looks awesome! What brand is it?

(Ken) #495

One Drop…


Yep, it’s a one drop!

(Ken) #497

Cadence for today. Thanks @Strappnasti for this awesome throw!

(Chris Francz) #498

Right now I love my YYF DV888, Replay, Replay Pro, Sage, and One. For my One I put in slim pads and thin lube so it’s still responsive but plays awesome and the tiny size is fun as heck! All budget throws but I love em.


On deck today:

  • VTWO
  • Hummingbird
  • Sleipnir
  • Kuntosh 5000QV


Trying 2a this week with these 2 modded hyper raiders

(Ken) #502

CS Bliss. Gonna start preparing for my prelims for PNWR

(Rock Shouse) #503

Damn it Zslane!..Everytime, you have the newest/most expensive throw’s in your collection…Dang it! I guess I’ll have to give-up to your deeper pockets my friend! For I cannot keep-up! I quit! Heehe! How do you swing it dude? "My wife would kill me if I bought more than 1 yoyo toy per quarter…she says!? Ha!


I am blessed with a good enough income that I can cover all my expenses and still have enough left over to pour into a new hobby…for a while.

(Tyler) #505

Aye I feel you on this one. My old lady usually takes a fair bit of convincing. Still working on her letting me snag a Banshee off a G2 drop lol.

(Neil ) #506

These both just came in today. So they’re today’s throws!


A DK and…

(Ken) #508

Wedge today!

(Neil ) #509

A a-rt terra cotta sparrow.


Pink Fluchs