What are you throwing in 2018?


Lol it’s all in fun, if cars and bikes can be sexy (and I think they can), why not yo-yo shots?


It’s sexy because that string just screams quality. And I find very high quality things rather sexy, in a manner of speaking.

({John15}) #472

Well, umm… Thank you? lol


Just sayin… :grin:

  1. don’t use the word ‘sexy’ to describe a yo-yo. or ‘sexay’. or ‘secksay’. or ‘pure sex’. or ‘smexy’. to do so makes you sound as if you have no real context for the word ‘sexy’.



True lol, but see rule 64 :sunglasses:

(InvaderDust) #475

Topyo Silenus is making me notice it. I tip my hat to this one. And this colorway is TOO good looking. Mmmmmm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Andrew) #476

Mmm… Finished up a fun session earlier headlined by a Colossus III in 5A mode followed by a quick 1A spurt using a Boreas Pro II and OneDrop Gauntlet. What a blast!


This was yesterday’s throw.


Some Dark Magic from the inestimable @AndreBoulay

:sparkles: :mage:


For today, the Vosun TiPower. 514a9ff66355e943c60206ea6bc2675b0fa79796_1_690x414


OD Overture. Super fun. Also, I love this half swap


Nice half swap.


The Vosun TiPower. This yo-yo is awesome!153868012828781818239

(Tyler) #483

I just got this in today - YYF ND from their B grade sale


Nice ND. I love that string. What brand is it?

(Tyler) #485

Zipline Strings - I think that color is “Notorious Ninja”


Before we pile on, there’s already “mailday” and “what are you throwing in 2018” topics :wink:


YYF Wedge in Galaxy Marble, have a Black OD Kuntosh 5000QV on the way


Is your Kuntosh actually black? Or does it have the dark, warm gray “hardcoat” finish?


according to what it looks like the pictures I was sent it’s black