What Are You Going To Be This Holloween?


As we all know, Holloween is just around the corner. Whether you’re going out Trick-or-Treat’ing or going to a festive Holloween Party, your most likely going to be wearing a costume. If you are going to wear a costume, what is it! I plan an wearing a dark black hooded cloak with a Plauge Doctor mask.

P.S. What is your favorite candy to get on Holloween?

(major_seventh) #2

No trick-or-treating, but definitely wearing this again:


Brah hiding in a bush waiting for somebody to take more than one piece from the bowl.


There’s gonna be a lot of clowns this Halloween.

(yoyobro!) #5

In my town it is now illegal to wear a mask if you are over 12!


Because of the whole clown thing?

(yoyobro!) #7

Yeah. It was actually already a law it was just never enforced, after there was a threat on the high school they started enforcing it.


Well, I just finished filming a movie with some friends where I played the part of a teenage farm-boy, so I’m going to go in my costume from that. Nobody will have any idea who I am. :smiley:


I go to Universal Studios a lot in Hogwarts uniform, so gonna wear that for halloween.
For work we’re all going to be emojis, and i got dibs on the happy poop :poop:


Nothing this year, no need to. When I was working, we would all dress up for Halloween but since the recent layoff, there’s nothing.

However, last weekend we had a halloween/post wedding “thank you” party as my brother was recently married. The wedding party and those involved with helping with the wedding were invited to dress up. I kept it simple and rocked my giant whoopie cushion costume I bought a while back. If YYE does a costume contest again, I may have to kick it up a notch as I still have one of my cool-looking costumes available.


Gonna wear a baseball uniform and be a baseball player.


Guess it’s time to kick it up a notch!  :wink: