What Are You Eating Thread

Easy Mac! Yum!

Pepperoni sticks, mmmm.

Salami and Swiss cheese sandwich with Dijon mustard! Mmmm

I’m eating again! This time shrimp flavored cup noodles with rice.

Naan bread

Never had Naan bread before, never heard of it. I just Google’d it and wow does that look good… I just ate a frozen Totino’s original pepperoni style pizza. Good thing I finished it before looking here, otherwise I would lose my appetite to that naan bread.

Did you heat it up first?

Haha, of course! I also just ate a 10 piece chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce and bbq sauce from McDonalds.

$1.49 I’m assuming. What you trim in your budget goes straight to your calorie count.

Study break and snack

I like them plain myself, but they are even better if you stick sliced ham or chicken with some cheddar, then heat it up. :slight_smile:

chicken stir fry