What are you doing for Easter?

So, what are you doing? Are you going anywhere special?
last year i got a Yyf offstring in my basket!

I am doing whatever you are doing.

I got a Duncan Throw Monkey in my basket one year. I am going to throw on Easter:P

Stay a home was going to port smith island it was a little too cold so now were just going to stay home.

Probably going on an easter bunny hunt.

Your going to hunt the Easter bunny?! :o

poor Easter bunny…,

Skiing! I love skiing on Easter. ;D

Basically I’ve been on tour in Belgium with one choir until yesterday, and I’m spending the rest of my “vacation” on a concert with a different choir.

Basically choir.

hmmm… nothing…

Dressing up as Frank… jumping out of bushes at the right time to scare children into dropping their baskets and running away while I collect my loot.

Originally done during Halloween so I don’t feel embarrassed going door to door as an adult saying “Trick or treat!”.

so jhb8426 gonna kill a wabbit

Starting 4a with a fiesta xx, waiting when it comes on Saturday

I’ll be in California to see Parkway Drive.

Throwing, chillin. Its just another day!!

Playing with my Super G and G Funk

Waiting for teh bunneh!! Probably throw and hang out, nothing special.

This is my first Easter where I throw so maybe a yoyo in teh basket??

Going to grandmas, going to ther grandmas with cousins and such, then home.

Happened the first Easter that I started throwing. Hope you get a new throw;)