What are the names of these old school yoyo's?



I recently got back to the scene and went throug my collection (10-15 years ago)
And most yoyo’s have their name written on it, but some don’t.

this first is a delrin yoyo



only written I2 from yoyoguy.com

I guess it was some kind of metal freehand thing. you can see that there can fit caps on the side



no info. its metal and has a thumb grind lip



It looks like a dif-e-yo rip off



looks like a dif-e-yo, but it has a teflon coating on the inside


6th is just a FH0 but really cool fingerprint painted.
I believe his name was Joe Havrilla or something like that. Just wondering if he is still around the yoyo scene.

I also have a bunch of painted stuff of Mr. Higby. Is he still active?

That’s it for now :wink:


Idk about the rest but the first looks like an alchemy silk


^^ GrindDude is correct, first is an Alchemy Silk.

Third is an Underdog. Check out the recess inside, it’s deep enough to swim in :smiley:


Really nice Zero dyed by Calico Joe.

(ed) #10

The one with the I on it is an Immortalis 2 by Kyo/Kyle Weems.

Is the silver one with black hubs a Plug-In?


I think you’re right, that looks like the teflon coated Plug-In 1. Super cool yoyo!


Now that I hear those names, I remember it back.
The silk is the perfect name for that yoyo. So silky smooth feeling!
So only looking for the ripoff dif-e-yo.
I remember buying from “yoyonick” i believe Taiwan based.
He would send me weekly updates on what new stuff he would have. I bought chromed FH0 and other mods. I also remember the name MIROC for some reason. He had stuff not available in many us stores. I found him on ebay today, but now he sells spinners. I’m gonna contact him anyway.


4th is AnY Quicksilver. AnY is the same company that later made the Miroc


Thanks! now that name rings a bell :smiley:

So weird after all these years.
I think it’s cool you guys still know these. I missed a bunch in these last 10 years