What am I doing wrong in the BST?

I have a numbered YYF Ti Dream that’s mint at the BST section. It’s nearly 1/3rd of the price off of the $300 USD that’s retailing right now for un-numbered. It’s been up for 4 days now and no offers to buy, a few offers to trade which I am not interested in. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Tons of people have recently got their $200 dream pack (ti, al, and oversized plastic ). Unfortunately I don’t think many people are wanting to buy the ti dream for anything close to retail . YYE still has what 20 raw and 25 blue .
This is probably due to many people interested in buying a CiTizen .

I’ve seen people on the Facebook BST selling the whole dream pack for $210-$230

If you lower it to $210 you should be able to sell it soon enough but its just not going to get the same attention as like a Draupnir

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Aye aye, Sir! Time to adjust my pricing.

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Why are you getting rid of the dream ti?

There are also a fewer number of people with enough cash to offer on high priced yoyos like that

A lot of people can swing $50 or even $100
But $200+ is something most people have to save up and plan for

May be he’s trying to get the CiTizen?

Well, I just borrowed some money to upgrade to a new camera. Now I strategically planned out which yo-yo’s to sell. The Ti Dream is a great yo-yo, however it’s got to go, it’ll give more bucks than any other yo-yo in my arsenal.

That’s the nice thing about being independently wealthy, you don’t have to make those kind of plans to buy the next toy. ::slight_smile:

I had a numbered Ti Dream (Raw - I forget what number now), and sold it for $190. But, I also bought the Evora and liked it a bit better. I was lucky, though. I saw a post on the BST from someone who was looking to buy a raw, numbered Ti Dream, so I went ahead and moved it. I asked for $200, they countered with $180 and we split the difference. As a result I still ended up with the Aluminum Dream and the plastic version for $10. If you’re willing to take a small “loss” like this, you may be able to move it faster.

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It’s not a great time since a lot of people are saving for college right now. A lot of people are considering the price on the dream pack as well so most won’t want to spend over $200 because they’re thinking they could have just done that if they really wanted it.