Werrd tre?

How is the werrd tre i like fast , somewhat stable , versatile and longer sleep times. I really like the look of this throw how is it in your opinion? Thanks in advance

great and you pretty much described it

haha cool in that case ill get it thanks

Bump need more opinions just want to see

The Tre is way more than somewhat stable, it’s spins forever (with a decent throw) and it comes in a whole range of awesome colors (and who doesn’t love that?)

haha yea true and thats good

It is :slight_smile:

This thread has made me want to go throw mine! Lol

haha i cant wait to get it!

I remember when someone made a thread about the werrd tre and wrote that title as weird tree. So all of us played of like he had a weird tree and posted about ours. Ah the good ole days. But anyways get it if you like it.

Bump just got one cant wait

Let us know your thoughts on how it plays for 1A! Lovin’ my Minute; might step up to a full-sized Werrd sometime soonish.

no problem man surprisingly there are no reviews on it

The Tre is a beast for 1A. Many of the team used it for competing recently. Although with the new releases at Werrlds this year we have all branched out. I LOVE the irony jp2k13 spins forever on my throw, a lot of the others are liking the Eighty-Six400 as well.

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yea i cant wait u got the naked edition

Nah I have the love Ed and the seaweed color way. The naked one looks awesome on stage (and everywhere else).